Danays Rodriguez

I have been going to Dr. Anatoli for quite some time now and he is honestly the best Physical Therapist I have been to. I had knee surgery last year (my first surgery ever too!) and I actually got recommended to another place which I did try out but they kept doing the same repetitive thing every time I went which got me bored and didn’t seem to help. I then tried out Dr. Anatoli and it was a match made in heaven! He has such caring and thoughtful staff who always put a smile on my face when I come in and out. They know what I like and they know what I need to do to get better with time. They recommend a lot of things to me and they even tried out new methods with me to see what works best. I love it that he has a good rapport with all the clients here. The receptionist is amazing and they do a great job of scheduling people and letting them know when their appointment will be coming up. If your insurance has a specific set amount of days that you need to fill up, they work with you on it so that you get more during your time. I give this place 2 thumbs up!! Best place so far!! Thank you guys!!